JUNE 30, JULy 7, JULY 14 11AM - 12 PM CENTRAL


Explore printmaking Encaustic Collagraph Printing through a mixed media approach that combines various technical processes to achieve multi-layered prints. The class will flocus on working with encauctic collagraph processes and combining encaustic collagraph plates with other print processes.  Processes are presented in a straightforward approach that is easy to grasp allowing you to start making images right away.

Demonstrations will cover:
  • building encaustic collagraph plates
  • printing multiplate images
  • using various print substrates to make plates including wood, plexiglass, metal, and cardboard.
  • viscosity printing and how it relates to encaustic collagraph printmaking
  • using other print processes combined with encaustic collagraph
  • chine colle processes with encaustic collagraph processes
  • combining monotype with encaustic collagraph
  • combining encaustic collagraph with other print processes

If you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, or printmaker, these ideas about layering will inform your work. 
Akua Intaglio ink will be used during the class, but you may also use oil-based inks for the class. 
This is a live Zoom meeting and is recorded. A private Facebook group is created for the class where the recording will be posted and students may ask questions and post work. 11am – 12 noon Central on Tuesdays June 30, July 7, July 14    $125
(6) small pieces of plexiglass* (10” x10”-approx.)
Inks (one of the following: Akua Intaglio, oil-based inks)
Tools to make marks: drypoint needle, a nail
(1) 4” brayer
(1) small sheet (10” x 10” or larger) of glass or plexiglass for holding your ink
(7) sheets of paper* (any of the following Rives BFK, Stonehenge, Arches 88, Arches Cover, Rives Heavyweight, Rives Lightweight, Fabriano
, Kitakata, Arches Oil Paper)
several brushes between 1”-2”
newsprint-25 sheets
(1) roll of paper towels
Some of the materials may be purchased through Blick or Artist & Craftsman
*if you do not have encaustic medium for collagraphs you may purchase from me.
 Class cost $125