My first encounter with encaustic happened in a Texas art gallery.  Years later, I decided to learn about the technique and fortunately found Jeff Hirst.  Jeff’s classes are structured to meet the needs of novice to advanced artist, exploring the properties of the medium and its varied techniques and applications. His knowledge, experience and passion both challenge and support the developing artist and have been instrumental in my own creative growth and practice. Kristin, MN

Jeff is an accomplished and talented artist who shares his knowledge and techniques with such enthusiasm that it is contagious.  Each class presented a new challenge that included suggestions to combine methods from previous lessons. With Jeff, I was introduced to monoprint, intaglio, collagraph, and screenprinting.  And more! I observed first hand how a creative artist pushes the limits and experiments in a fun and safe way!  Kathy, TX

Jeff Hirst is one of my favorite teachers! His love of the work comes out in the enthusiasm he shows for the work of his students, and his patience helps us through the rough patches when we want to be as good as he is. His unique combination of artistic and teacher skills make classes a joy to participate in. I always look forward to spending two days with Jeff. Nancy, MN 

I am a painter and collagist working primarily in encaustic. I also have a background in printmaking. Jeff Hirst's workshop dealing with encaustic collagraphs and silk screening on encaustic was one of the most exciting workshops I have ever taken! Jeff is an even-tempered, patient person who puts all his students at ease. No one leaves his workshop feeling inadequate, but rather feeling empowered. Beneath his calm persona, is an artist of incredible intensity and talent. I highly recommend signing up with Jeff. I was so inspired that I sought Jeff out to take more classes with him outside the workshop. Jeff has so much to offer that "picking his brains" is definitely beneficial! Caryl, CA

From the very first class, I was hooked. The workshops taught by Jeff Hirst in encaustic painting and techniques are awesome. The atmosphere is open and inviting. Jeff Hirst is a knowledgeable and motivating teacher with a wealth of resources and experience.  His workshops always include a generous supply of everything you need for full exploration along with the absolute freedom to bring to the table your own unique way of working. Jeff teaches in a relaxed and warm style that is inclusive and fun. Because of Jeff Hirst’s classes I have embraced a new art form for life!!  Naomi, MN 

I went to take a mono print class and became so inspired that I took class after class to learn about other printing methods and used all the shop time I could to practice. Jeff’s mild “matter of fact” manner of sharing  is vast knowledge of printing processes, products and resources is like a respected friend sharing information and stories, not a typical lecture/demo class. He instills confidence and encourages exploring new ways to do things.  Just bring it up and he’s excited to find a way to do it.  I have looked forward to every class and very sad that he is moving away. 
Donna, TX

Jeff is a generous teacher, focused but relaxed.  I am primarily a painter and came with very little printmaking instruction; Jeff made the principles of the specific techniques accessible and clear, yet was open and very encouraging of experimentation, including mixing printmaking types and even other media. Peggy, TX 

Earlier this year it was my good fortune to be able to take Jeff Hirst’s three day workshop, WAX, INK and MESH: Combining Printmaking and Encaustic Ideas.
 Jeff is an inspiring teacher who is well prepared for class each day. All processes are outlined thoroughly and information is handed out to the class for their reference when they go home. You are sure to glean a number of good techniques and processes to add to your practice as an artist. I continue to reap the benefits of the workshop. Cheryl, TX

Jeffrey Hirst’s class on mixed media printmaking was terrific and I would highly recommend it.   He provided lots of information, guidance, and instruction on various types of printmaking.  But he also fostered a learning environment that allowed for experimentation with the various media.  And if it worked out - fine, and if not, he exhibited great patience and encouragement for my trying it differently next time.  I also appreciated his honest and candid feedback about my work. That is how I learn best.  And finally, Jeff was personable with a great sense of humor.  Our class had a wonderful week working with him.  Carol, NC

I appreciate how your class was accessible to  beginners as well as advanced print makers.  You welcome all levels and anyone can improve and expand their artistic language from your teachings.  I think our students were at various levels and I could see that it wasn't boring for advanced students as well as not overwhelming for beginners.  
And thank you for your  friendly, patient, and generous attitude and making the class fun.  There was a good vibe and we learned a ton!
Your printmaking workshop was a creatively magical experience and I was so sad to see it end. I hope you enjoyed your time in Cullowhee and hope you come back! Dawn, NC

The  workshop was one of my all-time favorites! I feel energized and feel the courage to continue experimenting! I needed this!!! Michele, VA

Jeff Hirst is a masterful painter, printmaker and teacher. I found his teaching style to be exceptionally generous. I recently completed a private three-day workshop in printmaking at Jeff’s studio in Chicago. He openly shared his wonderful working space and in-depth experience in making innovative prints. There was a great balance of demonstrations, work time and collaborative printing, as well as ongoing critiques.  As a fellow artist and long time teacher myself, I give Jeff’s teaching my absolute highest possible recommendation! Allison, WI